Get more traffic moving to your web site!

The optional packages are services that we can offer with little to no work on your part.  The optional packages below also include keeping your web site software up to date this will keep your web site in compliance with the constantly changing web environment. Package #1 is the minimum package that I recommend to all of my clients to keep your site software updated.

A successful web site is not a static site.  Search engines are looking for traffic flow, link popularity and regular web site updates. A combination of services listed below will get the traffic moving!  Let us tailor a winning combination for your site today.

Read through the service listings and descriptions and select a package below that works best for you. Use the form at the bottom of this page to communicate your needs.

Service Listings and Descriptions:

  • Web site maintenance– this includes housekeeping items such as updating software, clearing your site cache and optimizing site performance.
  • Facebook campaign work – This service includes keeping your Facebook page active and interesting and  creation of relevant content with links back to your web site. A recent aggressive FB campaign for a new web site netted them over 30 new sales in the first 3 weeks after launch!!!
  • Social Media Package – this will include the other social media platforms such as Twitter, Linked In and Google+
  • Contests – Everyone loves to win prizes, whether it’s a discount off your product or service or a free product.  Consider running contests on your web site or facebook page that ties in with your business.  For example if you sell hunting related products how about a “Big Buck Contest” or if you sell pet related items how about pictures of the pet enjoying the product and the silliest, cutest, etc wins.  Or if you have offer lodging how about a story contest on your favorite part of your trip while visiting.  This can all then be rolled into a newsletter campaign.  There are many ways to intertwine many of your social media, web site, contests, and articles.  Just ask and we can brainstorm together.
  • Newsletter management – this includes newsletter software for your web site and creation of interesting content for your newsletter site subscribers. This requires only a little info from you about whats new, specials you may have, etc.  A newsletter campaign can then be created, designed and sent for you.
  • Web site articles – Interesting articles can bring many clients to your web site who may not have been shopping in the first place.  A great example I can cite is a client had an article on their site, when I looked at their web site statistics – over 50% of their traffic for a month had entered via that article page.  The keywords from that article were also big traffic drivers.  Something so simple can open new doors for potential clients.
  • Google Web Site Performance Report – this report will show you how many times your web site appeared in searches, which keywords were most popular and the search engine rank for those keywords/terms. This report will be provided in pdf format at the end of each month.  If your keyword ranking is not performing as expected we will be working to improve the search term and will continue to monitor the progress each month.
  • Awstats – this report shows how many visitors came to your site by time of day, day of the week.  It also shows where they visited you from, how long they visited your site and what were the most visited pages.  This report will be provided in pdf format.
  • Google Ad Word Campaigns – this is not listed in any of the packages below due to pricing fluctuations based on keyword popularity. If you are interested in more information about  a Google Ad Words Campaign please let us know.

Packages and Pricing

Package #1 includes: 1 hour of web site maintenance (keeps your software updated and your web site running smooth).

Cost of package #1 – $25 per month

Package #2 includes: 1 hour of web site maintenance and your choice of 2 (1) hour blocks of service work. For example you could choose 1 hour of monthly FB campaign work and 1 hour of newsletter management.  Any additional time spent would be billed at $20 per hour if requested or needed.

Cost of package 2 – $50 per month

Package #3 includes: 1 hour of web site maintenance and your choice of 3 (1) hour blocks of service work. Choose 3 from our service listings. Any additional time spent would be billed at $20 per hour if requested or needed.

Cost of package 3 – $85 per month

Feel free to use the form below to sign up for a package or to discuss what might be most successful for your web site.